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Bali Wholesale Furniture Export ProductsBali Woven Furniture frames are constructed from Wood, ( Teak, Mahogany, Camphor ) and Metal The organic materials used for weaving include Rattan, Rattan Peel, Water Hyacinth, Sea Grass, and Banana Leaf. The designs can include a combination of any of the above to create texture variations and highlights. Wood Stains are also used for color variations. Below are samples of these materials and and some color examples.

Bali weave example

Rattan "Tempe" Weave (fine)

Bali Woven furniture Products

Rattan "Tempe" Weave (coarse)


Sea grass "Tempe" Weave

Bali Woven texture

Rattan ( Rustic) Wicker

Texture example

Rattan ( Glaze ) Wicker

Bali Wholesale Furniture and Handicraft Export Products

Rattan ( Brown) Wicker

Bali Products

Rattan Peel ( Glaze) Diagonal

Bali Handicraft Export Products

Rattan Peel ( Rustic) Diagonal

Bali Wholesale Export Products

Rattan Peel ( Natural )

Bali Wholesale Furniture

Rattan Peel "Fine "

Handicraft Export Products

Rattan Peel " Coarse "

Bali Export

Wicker Multi-Color

Bali Stone

Wiggly Rattan ( Natural)

Bali Fabrics

Wiggly Rattan ( Multi-Color)

Bali WholesaleResort Furniture

Water Hyacinth ( Natural )

Bali Wholesale

Water Hyacinth ( Rustic)

Bali Wholesale Furniture

Water Hyacinth ( Antique Glaze )

Bali Woven Furniture

Sea Grass ( Natural )

Recycled teak

Sea Grass (Rustic )

Teak Furniture

Sea Grass ( Antique Glaze )

Bali Stone Products

Banana Leaf ( Natural )

Bali Water features

Banana Leaf ( Rustic )

Bali Bathroom

Banana Leaf ( Glaze )

Bali Bathtubs

Banana Leaf ( White )


Banana Leaf w/Sea Grass


Banana Leaf ( Twirl )

Bali Indonesia

Banana "tempe" Weave


Banana Diamond Weave


Banana Leaf Mat Weave