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Airbrushed Surfboards, Surf Art and

Surfing Souvenirs  from Bali

AIRBRUSHED SOUVENIR SURFBOARDS: Aside from the arts and crafts in Bali, the island (and other parts of Indonesia ) are internationally renowned  for year round excellent surfing conditions ... if you cant come here to experience it personally try  some of the  surfing souvenirs. Painted Boards featured in these pages come in various sizes and all available in hundreds of  airbrushed scenes

  Custom Logos, Shop Names, etc can be requested to be included in any scene.

Handicrafts from bali

Bali Surfboards Bali Surfing Souvenirs

Airbrushed Surfboards in Metal Stand  

ITEM # SB001 ITEM # SB002 ITEM # SB003

SIZES     H=  9 -12 -  17 - 21 - 25 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 80 cm    1 M - 2 M

Surfboard Clocks Handpainted Surfboards Airbrushed Surf boards
Surfboard Clocks   Size  H =  25 cm 

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