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Glass Panels  from Bali

GLASS PANELS : These molded glass panels are made by melting 10 cm  glass sheets over a carved volcanic stone template. The 8 hour heating and 3 day cooling process produces the end result seen below.

Used as interior / exterior picture windows and dividers,

balinese Glass panels

Frangipani motif glass panel

Item # Style GLAP07

Example Size:  H = 150cm x  W 75cm x D 2.5cm

Item # Style  GLAP08

Example Size:  H = 120cm x  W 65cm x D 2.5cm

Nymph glass panel

Mother and child Glass panel

Item # Style  GLAP09

Example Size:  H = 100cm x  W 66cm x D 2.5cm

Item # Style  GLAP10

Example Size:  H = 107cm x  W 65cm x D 2.5cm

Examples shown on these pages can be manufactured to a maximum size of 2 by 3 meters.

Custom templates / patterns within these parameters are available at no extra cost.

Priced per square meter

Buddha Glass panel

Buddha glass panel on stone base

Item # Style  GLAP11

Example Size:  H = 155cm x  W 110cm x D 2.5cm

Item # Style  GLAP12

Example Size:  H = 90cm x  W 120cm x D 2.5cm

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