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Vetiver Grass / Root  .  Akar Wangi ( Indonesia )

(Andropogon Zizanioides)

Vetiver Grass

VETIVER, Vetivert, Khus Khus 
Vetiveria zizanoides, Andropogon muricatus
Vetiver is an aromatic perennial grass whose long stiff leaves have rough edges. Cultivated from India to Haiti, it has aromatic roots that are used in magic and medicine. 

Popular in African-American folk magic, vetiver attracts positive things and averts negative ones. It can be used for grounding, uncrossing, banishing, releasing, protection, peace, harmony, happiness, balance, love spells, breaking hexes, averting thieves, and in money spells to attract money. It is specific for homosexual love, and in sex magic it is specific for a woman to attract a man. Oil of Vetiver, distilled from the roots, has all of these properties. It is also used for spiritual balance. 

Adding an infusion of vetiver to the bath for nine days is said to help overcome negative cycles and fallow periods. Vetiver is burned in incense mixtures to overcome black magic, to protect the home, and to create harmony at home. A piece of vetiver root placed in a cash register drawer is said to help increase business. 

Vetiver was called calamus in the Bible, so some practitioners of magic use calamus root, which has a more pleasant smell, as a substitute for vetiver. Essential oil of vetiver is used in perfumery, as a fixative. 

The fragrant leaves of the grass are sprinkled with water to make them supple, then woven into mats, baskets, fans, screens, and other useful items.


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