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RECYCLED TEAK - DINING FURNITURE: Recycled Indonesian teak furniture is made from old teak wood, sometimes referred to as " stressed " teak furniture or even antique. Many items do have a former life and are repaired using old wood from demolished houses and bridges, others are made " New " in the old designs using recycled timber. Recycled teak is stronger than  " fresh " plantation teak. 

Teak Bar stool "Burnt" teak bar Stool Recycled teak dining chair

Item # RETEAKD09

Bar Stool "Natural"

Wax finish

H = 110 cm W = 40 cm D =  45 cm

Item # RETEAKD10

Bar Stool  "Burnt"

Wax finish

H = 110 cm W = 40 cm D =  45 cm

Item # RETEAKD11

"A" Dining Chair

Wax finish

H = 90 cm W = 40 cm D =  45 cm

recycled teak dining table

 <<< Left

Item # RETEAKD12

 180cm "Solid" Table

Wax finish


Pictured Below

Item # RETEAKD13a

Plain 90 cm model ( Bottom left )

Item # RETEAKD13b

Skirt 100 cm model ( Bottom left )


Available Sizes  90 - 100 - 120  cm

Recycled teak cafe table recycled teak cafe table w/ skirt

Dining table Long dining table w/ carved legs

Item # RETEAKD14

Dining Table

Wax finish

H = 72 cm W = 90 cm  L = 150 cm

Available in Custom Sizes

Item # RETEAKD15

Dining table w/ Carved legs

Wax finish

 Table H = 72 cm W = 90 cm L = 250 cm

Available in Custom Sizes

Corner Bar made from recycled teak

Item # RETEAKD16

Corner Bar w/ Glass top inlay




H = 110 cm W = 240 cm D = 45 cm


Custom Sizes made to order


Dining Table w/ carved panel top

Item # RETEAKD17

Carved Top Dining Table

w/ Glass inlay


H = 75 cm W = 150 cm D =  150 cm



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